A few years ago we purchased a pool from Rintoul's and were very satisfied with the professional help and service we received. Every time we called or came to the store the staff were extremely helpful, courteous and pleasent to deal with. However we made a terrible mistake. One spring at pool start up time rather then make the trip to Wingham, we purchased our chemicals at our local hardware store. That season we could not get rid of the algae and that horrid green coloured water. That was a lesson learned, from that point on we vowed never to purchase any of our pool supplies from anybody else. Rintoul's Pools & Spas you have us as devoted customers for as long as we own a pool.


Thank you for being here


Bill & Heather


You all desrve a big thanks for being such a big help. Thanks again, for excellent service, your time & patience... and for delivering on time! We know that we will enjoy our pool!


Linda, Marie, Sarafina & Marcello


Dear Rintouls Pools & Spas,

We have had a wonderful year with our pool and spa!! We love our new "cottage in the back yard". Many thanks to your wonderful staff


Putting in a pool became a very big project for us, as you can see by the picture. You have been there for us every step of the way. Thank you for everything!!!


Sue & Grant


Thanks for all your help in selecting our pool , and your patience with us as we see it nearing completion. We went into this a few months  ago not even knowing the difference between a solar blanket reel and the skimmer handle. Thanks for helping me with that one! The pool is up and running and providing the kids (and all their friends) as well as ourselves with endless hours of enjoyment. Hats off to you all, and heres to a long hot summer!!


Randy, Val, Paul & Candice


1-800-716-8685 rintouls@bellnet.ca




I thought I would drop a note to tell you that this new product (Aqua Finesse) for the hot tub is amazing. Our kids always had some sort of skin irritation from the tub in the past, and now their skin is not irritated at all. The tub does not smell. W notice a huge difference in everything about the tub now, and most of all there is a lot less maintenance and a lot less chemicals around the house. We love this new product and we will be staying with it. I found before, it harder to keep levels where they should be. Our levels now have been bang  on since switching over.


Thanks again for all your help in the past, present and future!